AI guides you when you have trouble at Namba and Kansai Airport!

We use the latest AI technology to solve your problems.

"How can I buy a ticket? How can I ride a train...?" There are many things that are difficult to know when traveling abroad... And the problom is that we don't know how to ask them.
At Nankai Electric Railway, there are 2 AI guides, a total of 4 units, to guide everyone. Feel free to ask questions about anything you don't understand!  English, Chinese (traditional), and Korean are supported.

A robot station attendant! ? AI will guide everyone.

LYN(Namba sta. 2F、Kansai-Airport Station ticket gate)

Any questions like ""I'm taking a train from Kansai Airport, but where can I buy a ticket? How long does it take to get to Namba?"" LYN will guide you! She may look small, but will guide you well, so please try it.
She automatically recognizes the customer's language when spoken to, so there is no need to touch the panel to search. It supports English, Chinese (traditional), and Korean.

Sakura-san, the apprentice station attendant, will kindly guide you

AI Sakura-san (Namba Station 2F)

Any questions like ""I've arrived at Namba, but where should I go shopping? Where can I find a nice restaurant?"" AI Sakura-san will guide you through these questions! With a large display, she is also good at guiding around the station. Please select the language you wish to use.
Where the road is complicated, she will guide you with a video. She supports English, Chinese (traditional), and Korean.