Which do you prefer, retro or modern?

Retro or Modern – Namba Area

Most people who have been to Osaka have probably stopped by Namba. Namba is such a bustling, modern place, but what was it like in the past? In this issue, we will introduce the splendor and convenience of today's Namba while bringing you the Namba of the past.

Under the girder bridge Namba


The old photo is the underpass commercial facility "Namba pier" on the south side of Namba Station. At the time of opening in 1982, a local magazine had the heading "Young Town Under the Girder" and "European-style gates and horizontal signboards colored in primary colors, with a modern ("Naui" in japanglish) mood. It is introduced as "180 degrees transformed town", and you can see the fashion at that time.
Namba pier was renovated on the north side and opened in 2007 as a new restaurant zone "Namba Komejirushi" in Namba CITY South Building. The south side was reborn as a commercial zone where highly hobby stores are concentrated as the "4th area" of the "Namba EKIKAN Project".

Right below Nankai Namba Station

Namba CITY

Take a look at the customers listening to the performance ... This photo shows the liveliness of "Namba CITY", which was born in 1978. At the time, it is stated that the show has been held every day since the opening on November 2nd.
Now, Namba CITY main building is renewed, and stores are opened in order according to new, relocated, and hierarchical levels.

Nankai Kaikan Building

Namba SkyO

This photo shows "Nankai Kaikan Building" where Nankais head office was located in the past. The photo was taken in 1968.
The Namba Grand Theater(the Western-style movie theater exclusively for West Japan), which debuted as a show theater, attracted movie fans with its luxurious facilities.

And now, "Namba SkyO" is standing at the site of Nankai Kaikan Building. High-performance / large-scale offices, large-scale clinics for advanced / preventive medical care, urban convention halls, and information dissemination / service functions to welcome visitors from Japan and overseas are here. It is a base for international exchange where people, goods, and things from Japan and abroad come and go.

Tons of TVs at a station!?

Namba station (Nankai Railway)

Any guess where this is?

This monochrome photo shows Namba station (Nankai Railway) apx. 1976 - around 50 years ago! In this age, color TVs were used as the guide display that shows which train goes where, when trains depart, etc.

Now, after 50 years, the guide display has turned into a beautiful LCD screen, and shows the info in 4 languages – Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Check out the huge display by your eyes!